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Web.Tech.Ads provides all-around web, marketing, and consulting services for multiple industries. Located in Amherst, MA, but we have done work with people in Boston, New York as well as Miami. We provide a great service and make sure to meet the client’s goal. Call us about your needs.

We can do almost anything to help you reach your goal! Contrary to the the current look to our website, our experience and success is 2nd to none in Western Mass. We no longer do one-on-one music production collaborations on-call. Unless stipulated, our focus is merely behind-the-scenes campaign and operational work. Thanks!


Showcased Services

Free Website – Free websites for artists, musicians, freelancers & small businesses. We develop a site for you for free. All you have to pay for is our hosting service, which also provides free web maintenance, social media setup, online ad service setup, communications (email, business #) & much more! Call us for details.

Marketing Spectacle – We run a campaign for your business/service where you can increase revenue instantly. Contracts can be revenue-based, so we make money only if you make money! Call for details.


Recent Clients

Former Gallery (current) (defunct-website, moved to blog)

Services offered: Web Design, Marketing, Basic SEO Work, Future Print Consultation

Goal: Create short-term goal of organizing website, long-term goal of branding local artists and gallery as essential to art for Berkshires.

  • Developed website based on gallery canvas, re-organized specifically for Former Gallery use.
  • Add basic SEO work with descriptions to images, as they are the dominant content for the website.
  • Created social media accounts and consulting/tutorial on syncing and website upkeep.


  • Website released to be showcased with PR to local news outlets and blogs for event exposure.
  • SEO helped bring up artist content in Google images, more for those who don’t already have a website.
  • Long-term: development of community forum to build branding for the site fully planned.

Primo Pizzeria Deerfield (current)

Services offered: Consulting, Web Design, Marketing, SEO, Operations Analysis

Goal: Increase revenue, create a delivery service from scratch.

  • Created a delivery service.
  • Created a training system to prepare employees for delivery/cashier
  • Developing Primo Pizzeria Deerfield Website
  • Creating incentives to showcase delivery as well as bring patrons inside
  • Managing their social media, as well as their online ad services.
  • Working in restaurant and organization operations for new hires.


  • Steadfast schedule for lunch & dinner delivery services
  • Extra revenue via delivery service. Steady to hire two drivers for peak shifts.
  • Hired and held competent drivers who are skilled and can train new drivers.
  • Built a stable social media presence for long-term consistent branding
  • Incentives have gained more customers for both delivery & pick-up
  • Once an idea for many years, Primo now has a money-making operation that is helpful and vital to their business.

Reference: Fonzi (owner) – 413.585.0950


Primo Too Pizzeria (Feb 2011-Feb-2012)

Services offered: Consulting, Web Design, Marketing, SEO, Operations Management

Goal: increase overall revenue, increase revenue for delivery service, especially in the on-campus demographic for local schools.

  • Revamped delivery service through thorough hiring process.
  • Created a training system to prepare employees for delivery/cashier
  • Developed Primo Too website, along with basic SEO.
  • Created weekly incentives to attract new customers, and incentives for influential demographics in the area.
  • Developed and maintained their social media and ad services.
  • Adjusted menu prices to maximize profits and retain base customers.
  • Worked in the restaurant and managed operations.
  • Re-designed menu and re-created the slogan as “The Neighborhood Restaurant”.
  • Detailed online information of restaurant, as well as the two other Primo Pizza establishments in the area.


  • Increased revenue by 5%+ in 2012 compared to 2011.
  • Increased delivery revenue by 7% in 2012 compared to 2011.
  • Developed a basic yearly marketing strategy that is easy to manage.
  • Developed a solid workforce with less turnover and a strong training program.
  • Won 2012 Best of award for best sub by the Valley Advocate.

Reference: Fonzi (owner) – 413.585.0950


Zhang’s Kitchen (Sept 2009-Jan 2010)(currently hosting)

Services offered: Web Design, Marketing, SEO,

Goal: Create a website, make it more popular in the area.

  • Built the Zhang’s Kitchen website.
  • Helped hire people for delivery.
  • Manage their social media and their online ad services.


  • Placed near the top or the top of many Google searches for Chinese food in the area.
  • Website statistics have increased each year since its launch.

Reference: May (owner) 413.253.0584


Other former notable clients: