7 Easy Steps To Buy A Star From The Net

Do you want to give someone a gift but do not know what to have? This usually happens if the person you want to give a gift seems to have everything. It is really hard to think of a gift that someone will appreciate and will remember you of. Nevertheless, this article will give you the best idea to have and that is to buy a star.

Have you heard of the concept buying a star? This may sound weird but for some this is a sweet one. Imagine receiving a gift from someone that is a star named after you. It is very special and unique. If you are planning to buy a gift for someone you dear, then this article can greatly help you. Below are tips you can follow in order to buy someone a star.

Step 1: Visit a websites offering star registration. There are plenty of websites where in you can buy a star. Read their policy on how to register and buy a star.

Step 2: Choose a star gift package. In some company, the package starts at $54. The package contains the star selected, star name record and the star date. It is accompanied with a personalized certificate made of a parchment, a personalized sky chart with the recipient’s name, the star coordinates and a book about astronomy.

Step 3: Make a decision on what to name the star. You can name a star with a maximum of 35 characters. Naming a star is the important part of this process.

Step 4: Decide on the “Star Date”. Decide when you want to give the gift to your loved one. This is also called as the dedication date or commemorative date. It could be a special date for you and your loved one.

Step 5: Decide on the occasion. The star is accompanied with a letter that can be commemorative or memorial.

Step 6: Decide the constellation of the star. The constellation of the star can be based on the receiver’s birth date.

Step 7: Order the star. Contact the star naming company. Send the shipping address and the payment.


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