An introduction- Forum, Fantastico and Magento hosting

It seems we all live in a world controlled by the latest technology. Information is openly and widely shared from person to person, country to country, all using the internet. Forum hosting is quickly becoming the world’s top choice for sharing with one another. Many hosting websites will offer a customer safe uploads of open source software and scripts. There are many websites to choose from when looking, so exploring a few different sites is always a good idea.

To help get you started, try looking into fantastico hosting. Fantastico charges a small fee of $3.95 a month. However, in return you gain access to over 250,000 web domains, and the number is growing all the time. The website provides you with domain names, unlimited web space, traffic, and great customer service. Fantastico has been building a reputation as a reliable script for 7 years. To ensure that their customers are receiving nothing but the highest quality service, Fantastico has four data center. All four data centers are spread across the nation, strategically placed to help the most amount of people in the quickest time possible.

Unlike many companies, the creators and staff are not afraid to hide. When you want to know about the company you can find much more than who founded it and what year it was. The staff at Fantastico makes meeting them and developing personal working relationships easy. All of the information you could possibly want to know about Fantastico can be found on their website,

Magento hosting is another well known website for open source technology. Mageneto is a corporation that wanted to put control back into the hands of merchants who needed it. Their goal was to be flexible for their clients, a strategy that seems to be working. The best feature of Magento is that merchants and clients can completely control the look and content of their pages. There are templates to follow to make life easier; however, the control is left completely up to the merchant so that their online store will look and run exactly how they wish it to.

Since 2001 Magento hosting has been helping regular people turn their dreams into viable business. Magento holds a worldwide eCommerce conference every year, usually around February. If you’re looking into eCommerce professionally it’s advised to attend the conference and learn more, not only about eCommerce, but about Magento as well. For more information visit and learn about internet hosting. Fantastico and Magento are great places to start if you’re looking to start a business, network with businesses, or download the latest in open source technology.


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