Guide to Successful SEO Copywriting

Websites have been very common. Almost every business has one or at least needs to have it. A business without a website maybe losing a significant portion of sales and revenue from online customers.

While having a website certainly helps, just having one will not make significant difference. We see a large number of sites on internet which live a very unfruitful existence. They remain mostly unloved, unseen and hence unreachable. One of the ways to promote a website is to Search Engine Optimize (SEO) it. There are many ways to SEO a site. Since, explaining all of them is beyond the scope of the article, we will concentrate on one subject: SEO copywriting. This can be defined as creating content copy of the website in such a way that both search engines and users are able to identify the subject of the content and deem it as relevant & informative.

Here are few ways to SEO the content of your website for better SEO results:

  1. Grab the eyeballs: Just like any advertisement, content should also be able to grab the attention of users. This can be done by creating attractive headlines, informative content, injecting humor and so on. Make content so compelling that the reader not just reads the whole page and also takes action!

  2. Optimize the content: Yes, content too should also be optimized. Apart from proper titles, headings (H1, H2…) and bold tags (), the size of the content also matters. Break down your content in to several pages to make content much more readable. The content should have relevant keywords sprinkled. Do not overuse keywords as that might be construed as an attempt to same the search engines. Always make sure that the content will be by users, therefore it should be readable.

  3. Optimize links: This is one oft forgotten step. Internal linking can greatly affect your website. Proper internal linking can enable users to browse a website more easily. This may mean finding services or products they are looking for in a jiffy, which translates in to more queries or sales. Anchor text should preferably have keywords related to the content. Not only have they given an idea to readers about what to expect from the linked page but also to search engine bots. Clever link architecture can also help in rank distribution and promoting more important pages of a site.

  4. Optimize Images: Images are used widely on internet to illustrate or explain some subject. But they are an important from SEO point of view also. Image names should be descriptive. Apart from this, they should have correct and informative alt tags and also if possible captions.

Above mentioned points are very simple and fundamental, therefore needs to be followed religiously before you go on to the advanced stages of the Search Engine Optimization.

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