Effective IT Security – Essential Needs of Every Business

Nowadays Information Technology and Computer Applications are crying needs of every business regardless of their domain of working. However, with increasing use of Computers and Internet in professional work, it is mandatory for all organizations (whether small, medium or big) to take care of their digital security needs.

Why IT Security for Organizations

Nowadays, the chances of information theft have increased a lot due to increasing use of Internet for Data and Information transfer and sharing. Viruses (Trojans, worms, malware and adware) are one of the major threats of all time. Virus attracts on a company’s network can have destructive effects. Some major issues caused by viruses may be system crash, data corruption, reduced speed of network and information stealing. For proper functioning of businesses, companies need foolproof IT security plan.

Types of IT Security Needs for Organizations

An organization can have following IT security needs according to their dependency on computers and internet in business.

Security of Data – Usually every organization has large amount of data that is important for the proper functioning of their business. It can be sensitive financial details, employee details, sales and purchase details, or any other type of data that can affect the business.

Security of Network – This is an essential requirement of all small, medium and large organizations. We have witnessed several cases of network intrusion or unauthorized use of any organization’s network for destructive causes.

Email Security – Emails are main sources of information sharing and corporate communication. Most of the secret information and orders are issued through emails. So, its very important to protect email communication from external threats.

IT Surveillance – After several cases of internal IT crime (within organization), the need of internal surveillance is required. It includes implementation of access control systems, traditional CCTV surveillance, or modern IP based surveillance systems that are very helpful in finding out the root of internal IT crimes.

Although, every operating system provides basic level of security implementation through their in-built security features (like firewalls and automatic threats detection), but it is not sufficient when you think of business level. For that, one needs additional tools to ensure proper IT security.


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